Besides selling online, we also sell at Little Penang Sunday Market (LPSM).  27Dec was our second month.  The photos shown how is our packing looks like.  In fact this is our 2nd packing (I forgot to take the photo for the first time).  We are still working on to make the packing better, received quite a number feedback that packing needs to improve.  Hhhmm...... does the packing so important?  In the real world, the answer is Yes, because people judge your product by the packing. : s
Also realize I don't have a photo of the stall, must remember to take one in the next LPSM.
Besides selling the soap, we are also promoting the handmade soap to Penang people.  Handmade soap is still very new to Malaysia.  It will take few more years before it become popular here.  That's our mission!

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