The top 10 reasons why you MUST visit the 1st ever LOHAS Expo from 25-27 Mar 2011

1) Because a LIFESTYLE of HEALTH & SUSTAINABILITY (LOHAS) – green, healthy and sustainable is the only way forward! P/S LOHAS is the ‘in’ trend!

2) Because ALL of you are staying on Earth ! It’s your way of paying your ‘Earth rent’ !

3) Because this is the 1st time that 60+ world renown brands and companies are showcasing their LOHAS products and services under 1 roof in Penang!

4) Because you get to taste tasty vegetarian food, healthy and wholesome fruit/vegetable juices all at one go! Plus purchase fresh organic vegetables at unbelievable low prices!

5) Because it’s your duty and responsibility to expose your children ( our HOPE ! ) to the lifestyle that will sustain them in their future!

6) Because it’s all for a noble cause! P/S The facilitator – 1 Humanity Team –a 100% voluntary and 100% not-for-profit Educational Lighthouse will donate all proceeds to charity – minimum of RM10,000.00 to Tzu Chi & Jit Sin Ind. High School

7) Because LOHAS Expo was held because of you – be exposed to the latest technologies on what’s GREEN, Healthy and Sustainable! Network and be surprised at the wide range of opportunities available to you!

8) Because it’s free! Free entrance! Free parking! Free drinks! Free goodies bag! Free test drive of Toyota Prius hybrid car! Free lucky draws!(every hour) – prizes totalling RM20,000.00+! Free wellness test! many more ...

9) Because it’s there and it was meant to be! Ponder over this slowly yes!

10) Because ... why not ? Couldn’t you ? Wouldn’t you?
Freedom Soap will be there, Come and Meet Us!!

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