Purple Cloud Ointment 紫云膏

This is an ancient Chinese  medicine recipe, with the direct translation we called it Purple Cloud Ointment 紫云膏.  This ancient recipe works like magic to enhance skin healing.  It is handmade with chemical free,  100% vegan and edible ingredients.  I was told that it is great for burns, chaps, cuts, pimples, wounds, eczema and etc … I have started to make this ointment for 2 years now, I am 100% assure it benefits in relief the insect bites , pimples and wounds but eczema, as I don't really have a real experience on eczema until the recently experience with my sister's 4 months old baby, who was suffering with eczema.   7 days, it only took a week to reduce all the redness on her face, arm and legs.  It works wonderful and amazingly. 

I decided to write this post so that Purple Cloud Ointment 紫云膏 can be introduced and shared with more people. 

A basic formula includes:
紫草 Zi Cao (English Name: Gromwell Root, Lithospermum) - Clears heat, Cools the blood, Relieves fire toxicity while venting rashes . root has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, and it promotes healthy blood circulation.

当归 Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) - It is used for swelling, puss, skin irritation, and for skin regeneration. a blood nourishing herb

没药 Resinae Myrrh / Mo Yao - Moves Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, alleviates pain, relaxes sinews, promotes movement of Qi, reduce swellings, and generates flesh.

白芷 (Angelica dahurica )- expel cold to stop pain, diminish swelling.  It also has the special effect on treating acne, blackhead, and pimples.

Vegetable oil and Bee Wax.


  1. Hi, I have a few questions, please.
    1) How much is the quantity and price?
    2) Does it contain lard? (due to religious reasons)
    3) Where can I purchase it?