Signature Handmade Soap

So far the only soap that I am repeating is Goat's Milk soap I had made about 5 batches, it is entitled to be our Signature Soap.  Due to the weather we have in Malaysia, I would only suggest Goat's Milk soap to Dry Skin type people.  As we know, Goat's Milk very good in moisturizing our skin and will leave your skin smooth and soft.  I love the creamy smell on the soap bar too. 
Currently I have 3 types of Goat's Milk soap, all will give the same benefits to your lovely skin.
Goat's Milk Only - will posted on Etsy soon (let it cure for 30 days)
Goap's Milk with Beans (Mung Bean & Job's Tears) - Nonius
Goat's Milk with Oatmeals - Connemara

Have not tried any Goat's Milk Soap?  Get one today :)

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