Why Handmade Soap?

photo I took in Tibet

If you searched through the Google, you will find thousands of article sharing about the benefits of handmade soap.  I will not repeat here, but what I would like to share is why I use handmade soap.  There are only 2 main reasons.

For Me:  I want to have the best for my body, as we know skin is our largest organ, what we apply on our skin is like what we ate.  So only ask for the best for our skin/body.

For the Earth:  Our Earth is seriously poluted which can tell from the abnormal weather condition.  Handmade soap is 100% Eco-friendly and it does no harm to the mother of nature.  The soap's content break-up the carbohydrate naturally and it is easily decompose which achieves the environmental protection. So help ourselves, save the Earth.

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