My Favourite

Many asked me, out of my soap series which one is my favourite.  Well I love all my soaps (of course :p) but the one that I use everyday for my face and body is the Bean Soap.  I love the smell of the bean, I enjoy the green & natural and the freshness it gives me after the washing.  Since I have oily skin for my face, so these beans really help to keep it clean and fresh throughout the day. 

If you did a qucik search on mung bean and job's tear, these 2 type of beans are the healing grain, they are the precious gift from the natural.  Whenever I felt I'm getting sick (flu, fever or cough) I will cook mung bean or job's tears soup and make it as the drink for the day, they help to boost the body immune system.  Not sure if any of you notice, the price for these 2 beans have been continuously increased because more and more people start to discover the benefits of them (demand increasing).

When come to choosing a soap, many are looking for the soap which has good "strong" smell, but sad to say they are not natural.  Well, what is the main objective of a soap? 

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  1. Uhuh! I totally agree with this. I absolutely LOVE your mung bean soap!