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For breast feeding mothers, one of the situation they face is to deal with their excess milk after feeding the baby. They face dilemma whether to continue keep the excess milk in freezer or throw it away. Keeping too long in freezer might loss the nutrition values of the milk; drain it away will be kind of waste. One of the breast feeding mother told me that she wanted to donate it to hospital, however it was rejected for some reasons.

Have you ever thought of mother’s milk could turn into soaps? Mother’s milk is one of the most natural ingredients and is full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrition. Mother’s milk soap is made with good and natural oils that suitable for adults and baby’s skin.

The mother’s milk soap that we produce contains olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, lye and of course include mother’s milk . High content of olive oil makes the soap precious with moisturizing effect. The soap has creamy texture because of the rich mother’s milk.

You may pass us the mother’s milk, we will produce the soap for you.  You may also customized your soaps in term of the size, flavors (with essential oils) and the hardness.  We charge reasonable price for the soaps.

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Here are some of the FAQ for Mother's Milk Soap:
1. Q: Can I use expired milk?
A: No. Because what we use on our skin, is the same as what we eat, it will go directly into our body system. Always consider fresh and good ingredients.

2. Q: If the mother is having sickness/taking medicine, can we use the milk to make soap?
A: My first question will be, will you give the milk to your baby? If the answer is no, then we don't make them into soap as well.

3. Q: Why your mother's milk soap so soft and easily melt?
A: That's because of the formula used, I always make mother's milk into Marseille Soap which has higher content of Olive oil. If you prefer harder soap, you can always let me know and we can adjust the formula accordingly.

4. Q: How long it takes to make the soap?
A: Each batch of soap will take 30-45 days to cure (to complete the saponification process and reduce the pH to 9-8). It is best to give us at least a month to deliver your soaps.

5. Q: How do I send the milk to you?
A: Currently we only able to provide the service within Penang Region as the milk will need to transport in frozen form.

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