Castile Mother's Milk Soap - taking order

Many thanks to a friend who is generous enough to share with us her fresh mother's milk.

Using the mother's milk, I plan to made the castile soaps (with high content of olive oil). Castiles are perfect for dryer seasons as well as for dehydrated, sensitive skin, due to the high content of olive oil.  Palm oil helps to give mild lather which is gentle on skin. Olive oil is also known as rich in natural emollient properties. We will also add the Patchouli essential oils which comes with the beauty benefits, it is very good in treating mild acne problem, help to reduce breakouts and also a healing oil.

Before start making the soap, we would like to ask if anyone is interested and would like to order this Castile Mother's Milk Soap?  Will need to receive minimum order before we start making the soap. Please send me your respond at freedomsoap@gmail.com.

Why Mother's Milk Soap?
Mother's milk is one of the most natural ingredients and is full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrition.  With the high content of olive oil which makes the bars precious with moisturizing effect. The soap has a creamy texture because of the rich mother's milk, bubbles are small because of high content of olive oil.  This soap is very moisturizing and delicate.  Your skin feels so clean and supple after shower, you will not feel dry or tight even without putting on the lotion.


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